My child is 18 mths. From the top I look at the head is abit slang not round. Will flat head affect him in future? Got ask doc b4 when he is 6 mths but the doc say they can't do anything let the head mould itself. But mould till now not so round. Shd I be concerned? I saw from website other countries got wear special helmet to make it round. Is it too late for my child now?

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It won't affect him majorly in the future. By growing hair, it will cover the flat looking areas. You can try to 'round' the head as much as you can for now. Cos below 2yo, their skulls are actually still soft and developing

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18months is quite late for the helmet. You can try using your hand to 'soothe' the head round. it's called flat head syndrome

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thanks I'll try to soothe it hopefully its helps

My boy's head is not very round since birth too. But cause he has a lot of hair so it doesn't really bother me

no it won't affect. don't worry much about it. try using your hand to rub. but he maybe a little too big now.