Do you allow your helper to kiss your child?

My child is 15months old. I have been observing her very close to my child. In fact she takes care of my child very well. But im very skeptical abt her kissing my 15m daughter. Even if its on the cheeks. Is it okay for me to feel that i dont want anyone else kissing my daughter? Or its totally fine. I have been thinking abt this and idk how to react. I meant idm her being close to my daughter but i want a limit too. Im working FT and idw my daughter to be calling her mummy in future. Therefore i try to create boundaries. Advice pls.

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Super Mum

Kids are very smart and they will always know who their mummy is. My daughter is very attached to our helper as well, but I know she would always choose me over her. Kissing is fine imo, I'd prefer a helper who bonds well with my child than one who she rejects.

3y ago

thank you! i feel better hearing this. 😊

it's okay for you to feel you don't want anyone else but you and your husband to kiss your 15m daughter! I would feel the same way too! Anyway, for hygiene sake, I will only allow us parents to kiss my own child.