Just too scared.. 😔

Im a new mum (sahm), married to a great responsible husband. Our nb is now 9m and almost every night i cry while looking at my sleeping daughter thinking bout sudden death, sickness, or anything that can take her life. I love her so much and im just too afraid what if 1 day god take her life too soon?.. what if 1 day she will leave me for someone else? What if she meet with an accident due to my carelessness while crossing the road? And many more.. the feeling i have for my daughter is just too strong and i think ive never loved anyone this much.. i told my husband i dont think i want to have another baby cause i dont want my daughter to have lesser attention from us. Hes very understanding.. i keep on praying for her safety whenever i start to have these thoughts. I lost my one and only beloved brother just 1 month before i gave birth and im still grieving for him.. nothing can hurt me more than thinking of my late brother and afraid of losing my daughter.. thanks for reading mummies..

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Congratulations on being a mum.. Do understand You. All mums feel like that. But if you feel you are too emotional. It may be a side effect of post-pregnancy. You need some assistance from a doctor,.. Read this if you have time. it might help you https://sg.theasianparent.com/postpartum-depression-symptoms-and-treatment-options

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