Maid kissing toddler

What's your thoughts on your helper kissing your toddler? Will u allow if even if its the face? Today i saw my helper kissing my girl on her lips. I was so angry cos i never allowed anyone to do that. I understand she takes good care of my child and love my child but just wondering am i overreacting?

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I don’t allowed on lips, sorry. If cheeks or forehead I can closed one eye. But before that make sure her hygiene is good. Besides, my helper has off day. I advise / remind my helper in the beginning dont kiss on lips which I don’t like:) Perhaps you could let her know :)

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I won't allow anyone to do so, not over reacting I teach my boy how to reject 😘 💋- he will turn your face to aside or slap u if u insist 😅 it may sound rude but no choice he must learn to protect himself I keep emphasising to him no kiss kiss except papa n mama

lips i understand if u angry but cheek n forehead ur over reacting. That shows she really loves ur kids


I won't allow too. Baby immune system is different than adult plus not hygienic. I will angry too.

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Unacceptable. Did you tell her the do's and don't's before she started working?

no kisses no hugs

No way ! Big No