What does your gynae check on you for every visit?

Hi all, just to check. My friend told me her gynae checks for her urine (give her urine stick to check) every time she go for visit. Until now at my 4th month, my gynae only uses ultrasound to check for baby heartbeat. Is it a mandatory thing for urine test every visit?

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It’s probably not mandatory but it’s protocol at some places (inc. NUH where I went to). The stick checks for signs of UTI and also things like ketones (check for dehydration), but I think doctors can also base it on looking at whether you have symptoms. So don’t worry too much:)

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Nope it’s not mandatory but it’s nice to know about your body condition. They check for sugar level in your body too! 😊.

Urine dipstick test is done at every appointment at KKH, throughout pregnancy. Helps to pick up GD, pre eclampsia etc

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Every appointment also got urine stick check, weight, blood pressure and ultrasound.

Every checkup consist of urine stick test, blood pressure, weight and ultrasound

I am seeing my gynae at KKH. I am given urine stick every visit since day 1.

Urine stick check, weight, blood pressure and the usual ultrasound. 😊

Every visit must have blood pressure test, urine test, ultrasound scan

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for kkh, yes. urine, blood pressure, ultrasound

My urine test started at week 16.