Please share your experiences or advices to FTM!

Hello. Care to drop your experiences about labour? What advice(s) would you give to first time mummies? Feeling a little anxious here....

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As my tolerance for pain is super bad, i took epidural for both my labours. But both natural delivery. This time i only start gg to the hospital when the contractions are 5mins apart and consistant. You may wanna download the contraction app which will tell you if it's time to go hospital right away. I regretted being induced for my firstborn thrfore tryta be calm and wait for the right time, for my secondborn. Inform the nurse right away if you choose to take d epidural bcz if it's too late, they won't let you take it. Epidural helped me numb the pain of stictching the vag too so i didnt feel so much of the pain. You'll know when it's time so dont be too anxious. you can do ittt jia you!!!

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