Nov 2021 Due in Singapore?

Would like to share experiences here! Please share your pregnancy experiences! Cheers!

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hi mommies! my experience change this wk! from nausea it really turns out to be vommitting and it last until noon. my doctor gave me diclectin which really helps in my nausea.. problem is it makes me weak and tired whole day, no energy to move.. anyone on the same boat? im still thinking to lower the dosage for me to cope with diclectin side effect

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Me. Nausea when hungry, gag when full, feel super bloated after a meal, keep burping and farting. Difficulty slping at night, woke up to pee and can't fall back to sleep. Afternoon feeling fatigue and need a nap. Now my tongue got a funny taste, whenever I drink plain water, I feel I'm gonna vomit.

3y ago

Me too! Experiencing the exact same thing! And every morning I’ll vomit my bile juice. Feeling so terrible 😭

Hi mommies! How are you all feeling right now? I’m still vomiting but much lesser now, stomach has lots of gas and acid still. I’m due in mid Nov and my baby bump is still not quite prominent.. My next doctor visit is 3.5 weeks later, can’t help but to feel anxious. How are you guys coping so far?

3y ago

My EDD is 9 Nov. :)

Due Nov 7 , still vomiting , not feeling well , no want to eat anything , can’t drink milk as well , I did not take the medicine that doctor has given to reduce nausea, think that it is not good for my baby , since I am still can stand then I just try to control

Due in Nov 21 too! Feeling very fatigue lately.. always gravitating to the bed 😞 Nausea is always lingering and worsens when I'm hungry.. but I found that sipping on cold lemon juice w honey and ginger helps me a lot. 😊

3y ago

Same here. Really cannot tahan. My second.

same! due nov 20... vomitted until now slightly better, like one day once now only. but i started to keep feeling hungry. less puking only after week 13 😭 but belly can tell slightly, people in mrt are giving up seats for me.


Nausea. Sometime confuse with bloated, hungry or gastric. Trying to find the best food that can comfort my nausea. The worst part of the day is the morning wake up and near sleeping time. 😩

Hi same, always vomiting and nauseous esp in the morning and at night. Feeling bloated all the time with loss of appetite. I tried drinking ginger tea with brown sugar and it helps for my nauseous.

Due nov 21. In my 3rd trimester now.. and found out i got gdm😔 but so far it was a smooth pregnancy journey for me for my 1st n 2nd trimester.. only now started to have backache

due nov 8. super bloated all the time. tummy looks like 5 mth pregnant but it's actually all gas. finding it hard to focus with the dizziness setting in this week