Fasting in 1st trimester

Hi, first time mommy to be here. Any muslim mommies who was pregnant in the first trimester during the fasting month can share your experiences please? Since the first trimester is pretty important, not sure if I can fast normally as I would like to. Appreciate your opinions, thank you!

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Hi, I’m a first time mum too and in my first tri. I’ve been fasting past few days and it’s been going fine. Some muslim mummies recommended Calla Milk and dates to eat during sahur, I take folic acid and drink plenty of water before azan. I try to eat small portions when i break fast cos i had an incident of puking when I was brushing my teeth before sleeping the other time😩all the best to us!

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6mo ago

Hi, thanks for sharing! In shaa Allah we’ll be ok during the fasting month and to have a smooth pregnancy ahead 💕

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I did half days then.. coz empty stomach during my first tri gives me morning sickness. It’s ok, don’t have to push yourself. Just rmr to byr hutang puasa once you’ve delivered. 😉