First time mummy needs help!!!

First time mummy here. Just wonderin if pre/post natal massages something i should go for or is it not actually that important? Should I get professional help from prenatal till breastfeeding? What companies would you recommend? I’ve heard of a few companies alr like Rejoice and Mdm Partum but can’t quite decide which one to go with. Please share your experiences and reviews please!”

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Recommended for post natal to get rid of aches and pains after labour. Unless your body is in pain or your baby is in a breech position, then you don't need the pre natal massage. Definitely safe to go for the malay massage but of course look for those with experience cos malay massage includes massaging your breasts (in case of blocked ducts) & the womb which is very risky if one have no experience. And also know that malay massage are normally the 'hard' one and you might experience whole body pain as 1 of the side effects but it will normally go away after a few days. Malay massage also includes binding of your tummy. Love this although it can be suffocating because you have to wear it for hours but it makes you lose weight really fast and your waist lose inches. You can try to see at Instagram for professional malay massage.

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u will appreciate the post natal massages alot - give u a break from your baby and ease the aches n pains. i got a malay massage auntie, recommended by a frd, and shes pretty good. she will help wif the breast massage n help to clear blocked ducts.

it is recommended. for prenatal not so unless your bodyaches and you can no longer stand the aching. i don't use companies. mine is more through family recommended malay lady.

Recommended a it helps with recovery and flattening of stomach, pushing back womb to correct place. Helps with your body aches too

1y ago

i agree with the body ache. but sorry, i dun believe in "pushing back the womb". my dr also cfm there's no such thing

I have both pre n post natal massage for my 2 preg. really helps to relieve aging body n block ducts and back to shape

is it safe to go with those malay lady? my friend had a really bad experience 😕


I went for prenatal. post natal I got those traditional jamu massage.

1y ago

sorry mine from indo. now covid I don't think she can travel here anytime soon.