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Can I bring my son for a movie? He's 8 months old now.

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It depends on your comfort level - I know of parents who bring their child to a movie as young as 3 months old, but just keep in mind that it's not that good because of the loud noises and bright screens! There are also special movie screenings that cinemas provide just for the young ones - you still have to buy your tickets and the shows are NOT the latest ones, but they are kid-friendly as the lights are dimmed and sounds are turned lower in volume too. They also make disclaimers that babies crying are expected and diaper changing stations are available nearby :) It also sometimes largely depends on your child too! I went to one of those movie screenings for little ones, my son was okay with the atmosphere BUT he didn't like the "violence" and shouting the characters did at each other so he ended up crying because it wasn't a "friendly" movie - we watched Despicable Me 3 btw. We left the cinema 20mins into the movie because he got too emotional over the characters :/

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I don't think there is any harmful impact on the baby if that is what you are asking. However, your own movie experience may be compromised as you will likely need to attend to him throughout the movie. Loud sounds from the movie may startle him or he may need feeding. Therefore, since he will not be able to understand the movie, you may want to reserve this special treat till he is older (more for your sanity during the movie). For now, you can opt for a home movie date with the whole family. Enjoy a show in the comfort of your own home and not having to worry about other movie-goers. :)

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Ung baby ko enjoy naman siya sa panonood ng movie. She watched Monster Truck, Beauty and the Beast and recent ung Geostorm. Pag below 1 year old free sa SM Cinema. Nasa lower deck kami at pinakalikod kaya hindi ganun kalakas ang sounds. It depends din naman kung sensitive ang baby mo sa sounds at takot sa dilim. If hindi naman, ok lang na manood ng sine ang baby in my opinion.

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i think 8 months is still too young for a baby to go to a movie hall, so it is best to wait for a few more months. at this age, babies can get scared by the loud sounds and too bright visuals. also, there will be lots of strangers around, and your baby may get scared of the dark.

Riding on Hui Qun's comment, if your baby does easily get startle by loud noises, considering buying Earmuff for your child. I got mine from the site below and it worked for my 10month old niece! We caught Frozen in thr cinema.

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You might want to try Golden Village's Mums and Babies events. They take place weekly at a number of their locations. Diaper tables, wipes etc are provided and babies under 90cm enter free.

No... movie sound too loud plus screen time so early is bad for baby

Cinema sound system is loud. Your baby will end up crying due to it.