Can you give me tips on how you manage your household chores with a clingy, exclusively breastfed newborn? (2mos)

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I'd say that from the moment you have a child, housework takes a back seat! If it doesn't get in the way much or affects anything seriously, just let it go and do it another time. You could probably babywear for the light (and non-dangerous) chores, and do the rest when baby naps - but catch up on sleep with your child if you're tired. Housework can wait but you can't afford to fall sick or have bad rest!

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you can keep your baby in a rocker that you can easily move around the house. this will help baby see you all the time while he or she is awake. at 2 months, your baby will be sleeping a lot so you can either finish most of your chores then if you are not sleeping with baby. or use the portable rocking chair that can also help your baby fall off to sleep.

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if ur hubs is willing to chip in with the chores... then u bf thr baby.... and he cleans... thats what and and hubs do u see... fair share of all task... i cook he does dishes i take take if all kids he come home and clean .. etc discuss with ur hubs... infact household chores are not so impt . u can do it once a week

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I would say babywearing save my days. You can use Boba Wrap which is very comfortable and easy to babywear your baby while you are doing housework. In addition, this wrap is breastfeeding friendly. You can watch this youtube clip on how to breastfeed your baby in Boba Wrap:

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6y ago

Thanks, mommy! Nice link. I actually purchased a 2nd hand Saya Wrap. I think it's almost the same as Bobba. I'm really excited to use it and do the household chores while baby wearing! hope it will work for us!

i always slept a lot when my baby slept, so had to do most of the chores while baby was awake. initially i placed baby in a stroller and placed it in whichever room i was. later when she became more active, i would place her on a play mat wherever i was working around the house.

I think baby wearing is an option but I don't think u should babywear when u vacuum/mop- u may slip and fall & hurt both of u... also shouldn't Baby wear when u cook... I Guess if necessary get a part time helper...

Tried rocker it doesn't work. Tried carrier, she ended up sweating so much and crying. So i just do things when she is asleep. She sleeps better on her tummy. I just have to keep monitoring her.

I baby wear as well. Not much option. At times ill put him in a pram if that is even possible. And ill do the minimal chores. Auch as layndry, vaccum, light cooking.

A baby carriers or a chair swing just the baby in the room you are in set it to vibrate and play music or talk them throw what task you are preforming.

i used to keep my babies in a portable stroller and place them near wherever i was.... helped me work as well as keep an eye on them