Breastfeeding moms, do you give lo water after eating or breastfeed after?

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Hello, I think there is no harm in giving water to the baby whenever she is thirsty. But Ayurveda says that one should drink water half and hour before having food. It is best for the body. In between also you can have water but not immediately after eating food. After eating food one should wait for atleast and hour to have water. So, make your baby drink water half an hour before meal or in between but never right away after food.

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Normally, I let her drink water first after eating. There are instances though where my baby requests for milk after eating especially if she's already sleepy, so she would want to breastfeed right away.

Hi, Well! If your baby is below 6 months there is no need to give water or anything else to her as breastmilk has all the nutrition that baby requires. Else, you can give baby water anytime she wants.

I do either. It depends on what my child requests after eating. Sometimes, my baby asks for water right after eating. But there are times she would latch right after.

It depends. Usually no if after breastfeeding. But she drinks water after eating. There are cases though that she wants breastmilk after eating.

No need to feed water if your child is ebf. Breastmilk is as good as water.