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My daughter is 8 months old. I'm thinking of buying her a playpen. Saan po pwefeng bumili na mura lang? Salamat po.
Kung may wood smith na malapit sa inyo, pwede kang magbigay ng peg at ipa kopya sa kanila.
OLX and Lazada are one of the easiest options. Try looking also on Mommy pages on fb.
Breastfeeding moms, do you give lo water after eating or breastfeed after?
Normally, I let her drink water first after eating. There are instances though where my baby requests for milk after eating especially if she's already sleepy, so she would want to breastfeed right aw
No need to feed water if your child is ebf. Breastmilk is as good as water.
Hello, I think there is no harm in giving water to the baby whenever she is thirsty. But Ayurveda says that one should drink water half and hour before having food. It is best for the body. In betwee
Hi, Well! If your baby is below 6 months there is no need to give water or anything else to her as breastmilk has all the nutrition that baby requires. Else, you can give baby water anytime she wants
It depends. Usually no if after breastfeeding. But she drinks water after eating. There are cases though that she wants breastmilk after eating.
My 6 month old is ebf. Now she have those two precious little teeth. She's biting a lot. Any idea how to make her stop biting? I'm all sore on my nipples.
Hi, I think you can get a teether for her and show her by doing it yourself that this is for biting and not your nipples. She will surely understand it, unless she wants to bite you. ;p
Hey, I can understand what you must be going through. I guess, you can hold the nipple for her and when she tries to bite take it off and tell her that if she bites she will to get milk. Gesture her,
I pressed her towards my breast when she bites. But then she'll bite harder before letting it go, lol.
Biting is really part of the breastfeeding journey. Many moms suggest that you could press your baby towards your breast when she starts biting. That way, the baby will be immediately stop biting as s
What is your view on breastfeeding in public? Seriously, when I was breastfeeding in public, the fathers and the guys doesn't care BUT those moms and ladies are the ones who gave me evil glances, they
I also breastfeed in public but I make sure I have my cover with me.
I breastfeed in public whenever my kids ask for it. I really don't mind what other people would say or think.
If you are comfortable feeding the baby without a cover, you should not care about people around. Do people think as much when they hug, kiss and try to be intimate in public? Haven't you come across
Well! I personally have never breastfed my baby in public, and it was not a conscious decision but that the need never arose. And if at all I ever had to then being myself a shy person, I wouldn't hav
I really think it's fine kasi hassle talaga when baby doesn't like to be covered! I personally can't do it (hindi man lang nga ako maka-bikini sa boracay!) so tinitiis ko yung stress with the cover, b
Mga mommies and daddies, ask ko lang po kasi ung left eye ng baby ko namumula ung gilid. Tapos nagmumuta din po. Sa gilid po ung pula hindi sa mata mismo, sa eyelids po and around the eyes. The docto
Here is the photo po.
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Mommy hindi mo ata naattach yung photo. Pero dahil mata ito, mahirap magbigay ng remedy or gamot kasi baka mas lumala pa mangyari. Try mo po dalhin sa opthapedia.
Mga mommies and daddies, I'm a solo parent of a 4 month old baby girl. Since I can't get a job yet, I decided to open an online shop to sell some of me and my daughters' preloved stuff at sari saring
I salute you, Eb! Nice to hear things from solo parents like you that they are doing everything they can to provide for their children. Your child is blessed to have a mom like you.
Great job mommy! Huwarang ina po na gagawin ang lahat para lang itaguyod ang anak nya. Saludo po para sa iyo!
My online shop di pi ako. Sa manila ka po? Anonpo mga inoonline ninyo?
Good job to you! At least you're making the most of it while taking care of your baby at home. Madami naman nagsusucceed sa online selling. Tiyaga lang talaga sa umpisa until makakuha ka ng regular cl
May i know what are u selling ? Can pm me at my email [email protected]? Thanks
To single working mommies, how did you manage? Did you have a babysitter/nanny or iwan sa parents? How did you handle separation anxiety?
So my wife haven't experienced this kase she works from home. Kaya si baby sobrang attached lagi syang hinahanap. Umiiyak pag di sya nakikita.