Ask the Expert Series: Breastfeeding

Start asking away, if you have questions all about breastfeeding, as our expert Dr Tan Yia Swam will be answering your questions on breastfeeding ??

Ask the Expert Series: Breastfeeding
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Good evening fellow mummies! Dr Tan YS here, just a brief intro; I'm a general surgeon accredited with the Singapore Medical Council, and sub-specialise in Breast Surgery. My practice involves looking after women with breast lumps- such a fibroadenomas, cancers; and also in assisting mummies with breastfeeding complications. I work closely with Thomson Parentcraft Centre, which has the largest team of lactation consultants in private. My main practice is at Thomson Breast Centre. I'm also a mummy of three, and with each child, my BF journey got smoother and smoother. The first one was difficult :) Let's try to answer some common Qn tonight!

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2y ago

Thank you Dr Tan. This was a very useful read for all of us