any brand of mosquito repellent tats effective for toddler? how to stop itch after bitten?? Help!!

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Mambino organics bug away repellent! I’m using that for my girl too. She has eczema and psoriasis, but so far, she’s ok with the mambino repellent spray. It’s organic too, and the smell is quite pleasant. Not too overpowering. If bitten by mosquito, you can try weleda calendula cream. Calendula can help stop the itch and speed up the recovery process. Both items are on promo now at the supermom baby fair. If you want, you can get both together ◡̈ The fair ends tomorrow though. If you purchase both, don’t forget to take your receipt to redeem free goodie bag also! Cause min $50 spent, can redeem goodie bag already.

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Mosquito repellents do not kill mosquitoes. If you apply them on your body, they prevent mosquitoes from biting you for a period of time. How long repellents stay effective depends on the nature of the chemicals present and how humid the weather is. Choosing the type of repellent that works best for your family depends on your needs. You may buy tiger balm at Watson or guardian .

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This is good, very effective and long lasting. But also a bit expensive too. Lemon is good for anti-itch. Can apply a bit of lemon juice over the itch area to stop e itch. Or wash with salt water for bites. If not dab with baking soda. VCO is also good got eczema or itchness from the bites too.

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In essence, the testing performed by Consumer Reports discovered the most effective repellents against the Aedes species are the usual suspects: DEET, Picaridin and lemon eucalyptus, which can be found in the products we’ve always recommended such as Naturapel, OFF! and Repel Lemon Eucalyptus

Ya,can get mosquito repellent at many phamarcy . To stop the itch after bitten , I patch the anti itch patch that sold online ( product from Japan) , quite effective de . Even I m the one always use it , the mosquito better bite me , not my baby :)

5y ago

can post a foto of the anti itch patch?

I always use the tigerBalm brand and its effective. Especially the new product that comes in spray. so u could spray over the body but not near face area. As for stopping itch,i always use Jorubi Aloe Vera which is effective for my kid ;)

Kids using Tigerbalm brand and its effective the best of the brands that we are using. To relief the itch I will apply tea tree oil and aloe vera gel and anti itching cream for them. To stop them from scratching till scarring occurs.

Tiger balm mosquito patch is quite good and effective as per my gal who is 8 yrs old as she is the one using it. Usually after bitten,you can opt to use mopiko or zambak. Both works on my kids since young.

I use aloe vera gel on bites as it is cooling and help soothe the itch. And I'm not afraid of my kids accidentally touching the gel with their hands because aloe vera gel can be use for mouth ulcers too.

Hear Tiger Balm is good but not as cute. Some kids prefer those with cute designs. To stop itch, you can use aloe vera gel or mopiko but mopiko is kind of "hot" for my kids.

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