Mosquito bites on toddler

Hi mummies, how do you prevent your toddler from scratching mosquito bites? Everytime my toddler gets mosquito bites it will swell until very big and she will keep on scratching until it bleeds. Have tried putting plaster but she will just tear it off in less than 5mins. Appreciate your answers! Also, do you use any repellent and is it useful?

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Try using tiger balm on her mosquito bites. If she has a new bite, use peppermint oil for the itchiness, followed by tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties

You can try to get Muhi baby anti itching insect bites which has anti histamine that will ease the itch and prevent your toddler from scratching

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Hi... try tiger brand mosquito patch. Stick on her clothes. For insect bites, mopiko is quite effective

Use vicks if bago pa yung kagat . trust me mawawala po sya agad. pero pag matagal na di na yun .

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Maybe you can try to apply peppermint oil so that it could relieve the itchiness..

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I apply cream from pd. If he touches, i will apply after they sleep

Wearing long sleeves over the bitten area would help

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Try applying coconut oil, it worked for my daughter

i apply abit aforapatheteaphy when go out

Oh great. Thank you all!