any brand of mosquito repellent tats effective for toddler? how to stop itch after bitten?? Help!!

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PAW PAW OINTMENT OR ZAMBAK IS GOOD to stop itch. MOZZ away from any Watson or pharmacy is good to prevent mozzie but together with the Tigerbalm patch will be more effective.

Recently I try Nila natural repellent, not so sticky and oily. Prevent insect bite. I love the smell too because they use natural essential oil and safe for kids 1 - 12.

I find those mosquito repellent patches to be quite effective. For the itching, rub some pure aloe vera gel on the bite. You should be able to find it from any pharmacy.

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Guardian sell mosquito patches which u can paste on yr baby's clothes. If u wanna save money just get the guardian brand mossie patch during sale!

Tiger Balm Mosquito repellent patches work well in our childcare centres. Price is affordable and easy to get from any pharmacy or supermarkets!

I use essential oil like citronella/ lavender. Rub on my hands and apply all over their body. Otherwise I'm happy with the one in the picture.

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Hi! I always buy at carousel from the same seller , very nice lady & stock up many box . If u can't find , pls let me know .

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I always use TigerBalm spray , so far so good. To stop the itch, I use mopiko, then a plaster over it.

I use mosquito sticker patch that I bought from qoo10, so far it works well. if got bitten

I think Tiger brand repellent is effective. Apply the lucas papaw ointment to stop itch.