Mosquito repellent

Which mosquito repellent spray do you use for your 2 yo toddler?

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Most people I know use patch. I have patch and also use badgers brand organic beeswax based repellent (iherb cheaper than watson). Apply on places baby can't accidentally rub on face - back of shoulder, nape, chest under shirt, triceps / elbow, thighs, calf, ankle, etc

I bought a mint plant and rub mint leaf on the skin. Mosquitoes avoid mint because it irritates their legs. Been doing this for months. It works well for me and it's all natural :) Remember to break the leaf up to get the scent out for this to work.

Theo10 Repels, an all-natural spray which is Made In Singapore. Not the cheapest but the most effective among those I tried before.

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I use mosquito patch if not you can buy this cream at pharmacy, safe for kids. "Ceramoz"

I use mosquito patch instead of spraying directly to their skin.


I bought the 100 percent natural lemon grass scent that sold in big bottle

use patch better not direct cloversoft seems to work well


I don't use spray I use wakado patch

I use the patches instead of spray

i use the patch too!