My boy is 8+ mths already and he still reject solid food like puree / instant cereal / blended porridge. I am so worried seeing him cry every solid feeding. I try not to force feed. I stretch his milk feeding time to 5 or even 6 hrs and try feeding with puree food first but it doesn't help either. He lost so much weight and dropped to10 percentile.

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There are few things u can try. Firstly, u shld try to feed milk before u feed solids especially if ur child is starting out on solids. Because if baby is too hungry they are too upset to enjoy the solids and will hate the experience. So give some milk but lesser than what he usually takes then u feed the solids Add his usual milk to the solids so that there is still some familiar taste to it Baby could be wanting baby led weaning. U can try that style or try giving those wafer biscuits for him to self feed. Some baby will prefer the food u are eating and wondering why u feeding them what u are not eating. It's a psychological barrier. So talk to the baby more or just eat from the same source (eat his porridge w him from his bowl) or give him the food u are eating too Hopefully u can solve the solids mystery soon otherwise u may wana see pd

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Feed milk first, 1hr later den feed food.. Baby main source of food is still milk until 1year old. If he's not into food, add milk with some puree. Try Apple puree, avocado, banana, sweet potato, pumpkin.. You are only trying out food with him at this point of time..not as a main source of nutrients/food :) don't rush.. Take it slow.. Don't stretch his feeding time too.. Baby needs milk :)

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3y ago

how about 11 month old? he too eat less of his puree and porridge.. BLW he dont eat.. milk too lesser then normal.. he 7kg for his age..

When you prepare his meals, add some bm or fm milk. Do not feel discouraged. Keep it simple, for example start with apple puree with milk and repeat for a few days. Otherwise another option is to explore led weaning instead. Arouse him and see if it will interest him.


How about trying yogurt ?

7y ago

U can try cheese too. I Guess ur bb might love "milk" so dairy he may like .. I added cheese into my food n my boy love it very much