diaper changing

before feeding i will change my baby diaper, but what if the diaper got no poo or pee, shld i stick it back or change to a new diaper?

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Actually before you open the romper you can roughly see whether the diaper is bulky (with pee) or not. Some diapers also have the pee indicator in front. I wld just check for poop from the sides.

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Yes u can continue using the diaper if it’s still dry and there is no pee on it.

If it’s still dry i’d stick back if still possible

Dont waste it and the $$$. It should be fine :)

I will wear it back if it's totally dry.

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I will wear back too. Cos dont waste $

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If its clean i will stick it back


No pee no poo can wear it back.

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Can still use it.☺️


Stick it back