Diaper recommendations

Currently using size M mamypoko tape diaper for my 3 month old baby weight 7 kg. Kinda tight n got red marks at the thigh area so need to change to size L but cant decide to stick to the brand or change cuz his thigh quite big n chubby n wonder if theres any bigger cutting size diaper. Any recommendations?

Diaper recommendations
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We’ve tried all brands except for rascal & friends and our top choice is pampers premium. The tape is more stretchable. So maybe you can get the smallest pack and try out first?

i used merries and changed from M to L early. recently i realised goon L is bigger in thigh area compared to merries L. now using goon

Hello dear, I remember a thread on the app where mothers shared their fav daiper, will try to find the link for you

Can try merries. My bb girl also 7kg at 3months using merries M and not tight.

pampers premium. very flexible


merries or rascals and friends

Offspring is good too

Drypers Skinature