Do you beat or cane your kid if they are naughty?

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My LO is jst 15mths but TOO HYPER but I dun hit her as once or twice I did tap her hands n also tap her bum & the way she CRIED was like my neighbours even came n ask me WAT IS WRONG ??? she is way too SMART & also STUBBON .. my hubby always gives too much face to her .. so she knows daddy is a man who can SUPPORT HER ... but SINCE NOW SHE CAN START TO UNDESTAND THINGS BY THINGS MY FIRM LOUD NO NO NO WILL SCARE HER at time the way I SCREAM a NO BABY can even make her scared n she will come n hug me tight wif tears till I kiss her n say ok baby mummy loves u then TADA TEARS STOPPED ... lolzzzzz

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I do that flicking motion(like how you flick in the carrom board game) on my childs feet if he is acting way out of control. I dont exert so much force of course. It seems to work because when he is acting out, i will ask him and do the motion and he will shake his head and say no. He is currently 17 months old. However my heart breaks everytime i do that to him

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Best to talk to them and explain what he/she did wrong and why. If it’s something severe and you have to bring out the cane, make sure you explain the reason (again), to help your child understand before hitting. Don’t hit on them on impulse, it can be very scarring. And after time it might not work on them

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Best to consult them slowly. The more you beat them, the more rebellious they'll become. Don't ever inflict physical pain on a child. I've been there before in my younger years and I never want my child to grow as masochist and sadistic like me 😞

No. I was beaten all my life (my fault not my fault also kena) and it left a deep scar in my life. Until now, I still hate my mom. I dont practise corporal punishment on my kids, I use other methods which is more effective than beating.


I would recommend a time out period where your child needs to stand in a corner and wait out the timeout period. This will give them the opportunity to realise they have done wrong and there is corresponding consequence to it

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Depends on what she/he did and the age as well. Young babies may not understand it’s wrong and may not understand you are angry. In any case, shld always try to reason out first.

below 7 years, no. Depending on severity of case, I did cane my boys once when they were disrespectful to my mum at age 10. After that, can reason with them... caning won't help

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Yes, but depends on the seriousness of the matter(eg stealing). Kids are still in a learning stage, we should be patient and communicate effectively with them.

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Please do not beat your kid, It is ideally not a good practice to point there mistake. Choose a rather verbal form to do it