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Prudential Carnival

Have u Bring your kids down to Prudential Marina Bay Carnival? This year the carnival is bigger and more rides! Great for family bonding. Kids will have fun at the kids ride and game stalls. We mana

Prudential Carnival 2019

We had so much fun last week at Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. I'm so excited because there are 4 new rides this year. My little boy was super happy and excited too. Another reason why I love Prud
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Looks fun, great for the term break, thanks!


Do you beat or cane your kid if they are naughty?
Yes. Just beat lightly on bum or palm

Stop buying things

How to stop your child from buying toys/chocolate. I keep explain but my boy dont listen to me. im so scare to passby supermarket and 7/11 now.
Must insist. A ‘no’ means a ‘no’. I let my gal cry and throw tantrum in public. In the end, i still tell her ‘no’. Ultimately, she stops. Passerby who are parents will understand you. Don’t worry too