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Hi mummies , at what age to stop wearing hat mittens socks for infant? Even when sleeping in air con room. Thanks!

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Never worn a hat for my son except when coming back from hospital. He hates anything on his head. Mittens I removed when 2 weeks old. Heard without mittens better for him to feel different textures and also your skin. But have to regularly cut his nails. Only wear socks if spending extended period of time in air-con places. 😀

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We sleep in air con room with fan switched on as my husband perspire easily. My LO is not affected by the cold because she sleeps better I noticed. Mittens I stopped at 2 months. Socks still wearing until now, she’s 17 months. Hat stopped before 6 months.

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Didnt put on hat for my bb as it covers her eyes when she moved. Mittens i stopped at 2mths for developmental purposes. No socks unless going out, worn till about 2mth previously. Night time in aircon room usually my bb is wearing footed onesies.

Hats I only put on for my bb when he went to the hospital for his Jaundice check up. After that i stopped letting him wear. Mittens I stopped at 2 months for development purposes. Socks I will continue to let bb wear for as long as I can.

mittens stop at 1 month. hats only when we gg out till 2 months. socks still wearing. he's now 4months. occasionally will take out his socks to let him feel different textures

Doctor recommend from 3 mths onwards can stop. But my baby still wearing socks now. Despite turning 2 soon. Because she tends to kick her blanket. Scare she cold.

Didn't wear hat unless going out n only during first week, mittens n socks up to u, I stopped at 2 weeks as it kept dropping out

My baby has not worn hats, mittens nor socks ever since coming home from the hospital 😂

Mittens can stop after like 3 months as for socks I stop at 1 year old plus

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I stop after baby turn 1 month