I'm still doing confinement. My baby is 23 days old. 1. Do you give baby pacifier? Sometimes baby likes to cry a lot n cry most of the time when change diaper. 2. How do know whether baby is warm or cold? 3.How do you dress baby in day / night time air con/ without air con?

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1. crying its what baby do. they dont talk. just chill n keep talking to them..when the more than 15 sec, cuddle him . after stop crying put him back n continue change the diapers. repeat till done.. 2. baby cold- will grip his fist firmly close to his chest. hot - move his head ringt n left so many time n "mengeliat", sweating n crying. cloth, most of the time they will in sleep wear. esp first month. later, try short sleeves n see his reaction. if he feel cold, wrap him with his blanket. introduce things 1 by 1 to baby.

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I do give my baby the pacifier. It really depends on your preference. For changing diapers, maybe you put on some children songs, or dangle a rattle in front of her, basically do something that distracts her from the changing of diapers. 2. I usually swaddle my baby during the first month. But inside he is wearing a normal short sleeve romper. 3. At night if aircon, I will put on long sleeve romper with swaddle. If non aircon, short sleeve romper with shorts and swaddle.

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1. I have not and do not intend to introduce the pacifier to my baby. She sucks on her thumb instead. 2. Dress your baby accordingly to the weather. If it is rainy, then long sleeved sleep suits would be good. Otherwise, just put on short sleeves and cover your baby with a blanket if needed. 3. I don't switch on the air con. I dress my baby in a short sleeved romper in the day, or just a tee.

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pacifier is not advisable for infant.Feed your baby on time as prescribed and change diaper when wet or having poop. If the baby is perspiring or sweating he felt warm if the skin is somewhat cold when you feel or touch him then he felt cold...


i dont gv my baby pacifier...baby cant talk so what they will do is they will cry...maybe u can wrapped ur baby like what i normally do...they would not get frighten

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