My 4 month LO has really sensitive skin with eczema, n she wears mittens to sleep at night (as she is sleeping in air con). She loves to rub her face n suck on the mittens n rub her face again through the night, and in the morning her face will be full of red rashes. Is there anyway to prevent this or alleviate the problem? We moisturize her skin three times a day due to her eczema.

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The air could be quiet drying in the night due to the aircon. Have you considered adding a humidifer in the room for some moisture in the air during the night?

6y ago

Hi jorelle, yes we did turn on a humidifier in the room already. Considering switching off the aircon totally n turning on the fan instead as well

at 4 mths, shldnt wear mittens already as they need to exercise their fingers too. long sleeve shld be just fine

6y ago

She only wears at night as her hands tend to get very cold.. still not recommended to wear?

have you tried doing the skin prick test to find out the cause of the enzema.

6y ago

Not yet, is it available at any pd? After the skin prick test the cause will be identified?

Could it be dust that she is allergic too?

can try cetapil baby products