Jst feeling worried ;+++

My babygirl is now currently 16mths & she is eating blended porriage for lunch & dinner morning wil be cereal... But 2day she acted too weird (Onli ate in morning cereal little n then drank milk then lunch time NOPE & DINNER SO much force also NOPE (But as usual she is hyper n also behaves normal) Feeling soooo sad (WONDERING WAT COULD BE HER REASON?) ANY mummies go thru tis kinda weird behavior fm their LO & hopes she EATS WELL FM TOMORROW ONWORDS

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Super Mum

At this age, you can change up the menu a bit more:) try different textures and foods and flavours to make it more exciting for her. I’ll be honest, kids approaching 18 months become more picky. Try noodles or pasta or bread. Give her things that are crunchy/crispy, some that are soft and see what she’s more receptive to. Let her hold some things in her hands to feed herself. Meal times need to be more fun and interactive. They like more action and play and fun during this age, so meal times are boring and taking away the play time, unless you make it more fun for them.

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