Feeling Weird Of Baby Behavior

Hi, my baby girl is reaching 2 months old. She can drink around 120 from bottle and can latch upto 30mins - 1 hour when back from hospital and can last abt 4hrs or more. Coz sometimes we wake her up for milk as per doctor advice. And now she is turning 2 months in 1 week time. But her behavior is changing. She drink abt 50ml after the first month jap at polyclinic. And she feeling more cranky now. She dislike milk bottle or she will drink lesser from milk bottle. Just now in 3hrs time she latch for 5 times, each time around 20-40min. And after that she will sleep awhile then wake up agn then cry for milk. I feeling kinda weird when during this period. Any mummy encounter same issue as mine?

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Ever heard of the wonder weeks? Seems like your baby is having a leap right now. Which is decreased appetite and increased crying, clingy. Leap will tends to take around 1-3 weeks. Just have patience with her during this period. And everything will be back to normal