Dear mummies, my LO girl now 16 months these 2 days suddenly she don't want to drink milk, and keep rejecting . But she eats porridge lunch & dinner , in between drink lots of water and glucolin for supplement . Does any parents encounter that too.? Any advise for me.. very worried.. many thanks ?

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It can be due to the teething. I would not rule that out. Well your lo is 1 year and above. I would not worry much about it. Alternatively try to serve milk in a cup. Lessen her food intake. Some kids prefer solid to milk. Or she maybe full from her meals.

6y ago

Thank you Ling for your sharing , appreciated !

Her main diet should still be milk. Did you change the milk or bottle? Give less water, and why you giving glucolin?

6y ago

The thing is that once she sees milk she didn't even want to drink and push away the milk bottle , no I didnt change the milk bottle or milk powder .. it's just so sudden .. but if she go outside she enjoys eating outside food .. anything except milk .. is it because she is going to grow the molar teeth? Cos whenever I feed her with water her fingers will slip inside the mouth ..

Anytime Amy, hope it gets better soon :)

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Did doctor ask you all to give glucolin?

6y ago

Okie thank you Jorelle for your sharing appreciated !