Anyone got better ideas. This is for my 6month old baby. Monday Wednesday Friday n Sunday -bfast : cereal -lunch: carrot puree -dinner: potato puree Tuesday Thursday n Saturday -bfast : cereal -lunch: peas puree -dinner: pumpkin ***and of cozz in between i feed milk Is it ok. Please advice...

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If you are just introducing solids at the beginning stage, i will recommend you to try with cereal for 1 feed. You may give small portion of puree as snacks but not as a meal. Your baby's tummy is still adjusting to different food, it may cause indigestion. Do it gradually and your baby will grow happy and healthy! Nevertheless, good work in introducing solids!

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7y ago

hi cindy. u r telling me that breakfast lunch n dinner i give cereal . n ard tea break i give abit puree??. . pls advice . thnx

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Initially baby just need 1 feed a day. Can do 3 feed around month 7. You can also try avocado, spinach, sweet potato, sweet corn. Try not to introduce fruits till around month 7 as its sweet so confirm baby will like. Also with the cereal pls make sure it is iron fortified. I am using Bellamy rice cereal

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7y ago

hi mummy, I'm planning on starting avocado for my 4months old, is it okay? or should I try something else?

I like to go to for food recipes. They have a lot of varieties for different stage too. Or you can download some baby food recipes apps from the apple appstore, They have sample menu too :)

feed milk first before offering solids!