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Hi all. My baby is turning 6 mo in a few days time. I worked very hard for her to have the routine of eat, play, sleep. Usually her nap time is 2-3 hourly, wake time ranging from 1-3 hourly. Mornings will include 1 milk feed (9-10am) and she will wake up at around 12ish or 1 pm. (I can usually do my laundry and washing during this time) Her next nap will usually be around 3pm - 5pm, shower then by 9pm she will be sleepy. So past few days I went for a family gathering and they kept playing and letting her watch tv nonstop. Ever since then, she refused to nap. Even if she does, it’s a short 10-15 mins nap before she’s awake for 4-5 hours. She sleeps around 11pm - 12 ish now!!! Im going over again (celebration) and I’m really really annoyed by my grandma telling me baby is not sleeping because she misses her and I should give her more tv so that she will be tired despite me telling her baby’s schedule is screwed up after spending 1 day there 😠 She even asked if I can go over earlier so she can play with her more. I know she meant well but I just cannot. You can spend less than 24 hours to screw up a routine that I tried so hard to maintain for months!!!! It’s very exhausting for me as I’m the only caregiver at home. With her current screwed up naps, I can’t do anything. I am very very annoyed 😭 I totally understand that they tends to sleep lesser as they grow, but this is a routine she has been sticking for months and it’s just so coincidental that the entire routine got disrupted after 1 day of visiting. I could tell she’s very tired with all the eye rubs and screaming/crying but she just doesn’t want to sleep😓 Thanks for hearing me out. #1stimemom

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hmmm I think when my son was 6mths, he took 4 naps in the day? but every kid is different.. I'm sorry to say this but if me, I will just not go over.. or only go a short while, then when almost time for nap, head straight home.. at least ur family get to see ur baby a while and u get to keep ur sanity.. if ur grandma or anyone say anything snide, just one ear in one ear out.. remember u are the mommy, u the boss!

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i’m sorry to say that infants routines change all the time.. and hits you wirh a change when you already gotten used to the earlier one. so have to be flexible..

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Yeah I’m aware of it. I’m just annoyed that my they keep asking me to give tv to my baby even when I told her baby is tired. I’m a SAHM and I follow her routine. I don’t sleep train so whatever timings she currently has is by baby.