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My LO is going 12W soon and lately she has been waking 3.30am for a feed but she cant go back to sleep easily and will be awake for more than 1hr after her feed. Is this a signal that she has "wakeup" from her sleep? How do we help her transit into sleeping after MOTN feed? Usually in the day, baby will play for 1 hr after feeding then she will be tired and sleep. It seems like she is doing this after her 3.30am feed. Are baby able to differentiate night feed and wake feed? I'm worried my baby doesnt get enough sleep if she keeps doing this. For these days, her naps are around 3-4hours, 3 nap. Night sleep (include 3.30am waking up) 8 + 3. Please advise if anything wrong!

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my baby is 11weeks, gg 12weeks in few days too. her night feeds is still 2-3hrly,60mls each time. my baby used to stay awake for night feeds too. what i started doing was to feed before she cry. like example, her next feed is at 2am but not sure if she really wants anot. she still being swaddled so I look out for noises and movement. if at 2am no noises and movement, i will come back at every 15mins. the moment i hear some noises for abt 5-10s,i start preparing her milk to dreamfeed her. so she wont be crying and stay awake after that. so far shes ok with the routine ive set. my baby's routine is every 1hrly in the day 7am wakeup,play and feed 8am nap 9am wakeup,play and feed 10am nap etc 8pm bedtime.... night feeds 2-3hrly till 7am

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