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Hi mummies, when you start let children sleep by their self? And how to train baby sleep at bed without carry. My 8 month baby now I still use baby sling to make him sleep..

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Sleep trained from about 5 months. Baby’s in her own room. We put her down and go out and close the door. (Baby monitor’s on). There are multiple methods of sleep training, from the no-tears method to the check in method to the cry it out method and so on. Have a read up and see what you would like to try. The important thing is to be consistent and not give up:)

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Sleep-trained since 2 months. I put her in her cot and she will hug onto her pillow, then will pat and stay with her till she falls asleep. Initially, she will cries non-stop, and if the crying gets out of hand, then will carry and slowly put her in again when she is drowsy. I did it at the same timing everyday for 1 month and on the same lullaby.

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I let my baby sleep by herself since birth we are co sleeping. All I need to do is just off the lights play some music she will sleep herself. At times need to pat her. I think you should remove the sling and put baby on bed when half asleep straight change to bed baby sure will fussy cos used to the warmness

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He cosleep with us after a few months. After he selfweaned latching to sleep around 8 or 9 months we would pat him to sleep. Then few months after that he started to self soothe by sucking on this label on his pillow. He's a funny baby, always seem to "level up" on his own lol

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It took me awhile...I am the one with separation