Hi my baby now is 5 weeks old and we tend to swaddle him every feeding and when sleeping but he keeps on stretching til both of his hands are out. Until when can we swaddle a baby? Thank you.

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Same as my boy! From newborn up till now at 2.5 months, he always manage to creep his hands out of the swaddle. However i didnt give up swaddling him cus i find that it kept him calm and sleep better during naps and bedtimes. I will give a good tight swaddle around his arms. Alternatively on nights where he is fussy and refused to be swaddled, i will put him in a sleeping bag at night. Maybe u can unswaddle ur baby when feeding just to gv him some freedom, and then swaddle back again when he sleeps.

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3y ago

Yes will do sis.. Thank you so much

I swaddle my son till they are 8 mths max. Newborn i use the muslin cloth then 6 mths upgrade tp those zip swaddle etc like woombie swaddle. They will sleep thru their nap time and also the night. So far i dont have trouble resting during day or night.

3y ago

Yes cuz i kesian him especially if he does the kesian face.. Thank you for the encouragement.

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I swaddled till my baby turned 1 month. She didn’t like to swaddled and her hands will always come out. You need to stop swaddling once your baby can roll over/flip unless you buy a swaddle bag with hands opening.

3y ago

Yes after feeding he will really try to stretch til his hands are out.

My daughter till now she is being swaddled and now she is 6 months old. I think it is just depends on our baby.

3y ago

No problem is not an issue😊

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I swaddled baby for only 2 weeks, since then no more swaddle

3y ago

Thanks mummy.

My baby was only swaddled for 1 week.

3y ago

We got buy also.. Now baby doing ok. Thank you mommy

I swaddle my baby during naps and sleep.

3y ago

Same here cuz if i dun swaddle him esp during feeding he will vomit cuz he keeps on stretching

When ur bb sleep