Swaddle Or Not?

My baby (currently 3 weeks) always struggle whenever we swaddle him. There was a period when we released his swaddle during the day and he seemed to sleep better. Do you think I should stop swaddling him at night?

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Hi! Every baby is different! Its really hard to say. My lo stopped swaddling at around 6 weeks.. She really hated it! At the beginning she was sleeping well and all is good but after few weeks, I noticed her naps was getting shorter, like 20 mins only without the swaddle.. so I started swaddling her again and it really helped! She started napping for 1 hour plus after that.. used the love to dream swaddle for night and muslin swaddle for naps.. now she's 20 weeks, starting to refuse the swaddle again.. haha.. So I guess nothing is permanent for our babies at this point.. she might not like the swaddle this week, but might like it the next.. so yeah, my point is to just keep trying.

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I used to have this prob, and the feedback i got then was because the swaddle wasn't tight enough, that's why my LO didn't like it and kept kicking it away. And then she kept startling herself awake because of her moro reflex. Got the love to dream swaddle subsequently, and it was a lot better. LO slept much better then.

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When sleeping with fan (we will always not let it blow her directly), we will not swaddle her as she feels hot and sweat. When she sleeps with air-con, we swaddle her as we're afraid she might feel cold.

Stopped swaddling around there too as LO really doesn't seem to like swaddle.. Wake up more to get out of it.. So far so good, think depends on LO, observe and see what suits him /her :)

Babies don't have to be swaddled. If your baby is happy without swaddling, don't bother. Always put your baby to sleep on his back.

I think it’s ok if your baby rests better without the swaddle. It’s intended to make them feel more secure and comfy anyway.

Sounds scary to leave baby without swaddle without supervision.. Would like to know too

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depends on your baby. if he sleeps better without, then don't need to swaddle him

My child too. Only use those bean spout pillow put on the tummy near chest.

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Since he can sleep better without then no point swaddling him.