My 1mo is so cranky at night and refused to be put down.

My baby will not sleep by herself and will only fall asleep when me or husband put her in our arms and rock her to sleep. This is really tiring for us. She can really stay up the whole night. Anyone experience this and any solutions to this? Tried white noise, massage but all seems to not work. Help!

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Yeah me too! Mine had difficulty sleeping in her 1st month. We swaddled her and turned her sideways, and she still cried! I had to sway her in my arms. After a while, I understood why she always cried before sleep. It’s because she’s hungry. So maybe you can make sure her last feeding time is not too far apart. A change of fresh new diapers would help too. Swaddle and turn her sideways with a pillow behind her back as well. Can try all that. Her environment too. Check her environment, too cold? Too warm? She’s probably uncomfortable if everything you’ve done doesn’t help. Maybe an itch? Maybe pain somewhere.. anyway a lot of selawat too. My lullaby to her is always “Laa ilaha illallah..” repeat in a soft and singing-like tone. All the best! You’ll learn her cues soon. 🥰

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