10 month old refusing sleep

Hi I need help. My LO started to wake up few times in the night just crying and sitting or standing in the cot. We usually manage to put her to bed by 9pm but she will wake up numerous times starting anytime from 10pm onwards. She has never really slept through the night, she will wake up around twice and goes back to sleep after milk but now its really getting bad to worse. We tried changing diaper, adjusting room temperature, giving milk, cuddle and carry but nothing seems to work and she can stay up for 2-3h at night just making noise. It's like she's got too much energy and I think she's tired but she can't sleep. She also doesn't really know how to self soothe herself back to sleep when she awakes. We will try not to carry but give her the pacifier and her chouchou but sometimes really have to carry. Last night we just tried to ignore her but she went at it for close to 3h until we sat there and keep lying her back down until she finally slept. Tell me this is normal please and it will pass, I'm so worried is she overactive or isit a development thing as she's starting to walk a few steps now. Really at my wits end and I dunno what to do, can't imagine when I send her to infantcare in Dec. It's going to get worse??? 😵😵😵

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is she teething? it could be the reason.

2y ago

are you co-sleeping with her? if not, why don't you consider it.