My 1mo is so cranky at night and refused to be put down.

My baby will not sleep by herself and will only fall asleep when me or husband put her in our arms and rock her to sleep. This is really tiring for us. She can really stay up the whole night. Anyone experience this and any solutions to this? Tried white noise, massage but all seems to not work. Help!

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My LO only started to sleep abit longer when he turned 2 months old. He too had to rock to sleep and only slept in our arms. In a way, newborn have not learnt how to self soothe so thats why they need us to help them (thats what we keep telling each other to keep calm and sane 😅) Have you try swaddling after your LO sleeps? Pacifier for self soothe?

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1y ago

Pacifier, swaddled, did those too. Ya I guess she still need to be held to sleep till she’s slightly older. Thank you for sharing!