My baby is having bad colic, she will vomit while sleeping or when burping and cries out of sudden. Currently on ridwind from the pd and tui na from Chinese Tcm. However baby is below a month old, is it still advisable to go and have the massage as it really helps a lot and doc advise to go for 2 wks. I'm lost. Please help.

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From what I've read so far, nobody is exactly sure what causes colic. Gas does seem to be one of the suspected causes. Other possible causes include: - baby’s growing digestive system with muscles that often spasm - hormones that cause stomach pain or fussy mood - oversensitivity or overstimulation due to light or noise - boby who is woody - baby’s nervous system is still developing Here’s an article with useful information on colic and suggestions on how to treat it, you may find this helpful: You can also try giving your baby a tummy massage. Here are the steps: Place your hands at the level of baby’s navel, using your fingertips, gently but firmly rub over her tummy in a circular motion. Next, you can hold your baby’s knees and feet together, then gently press them up toward abdomen. Gently rotate baby’s hips a few times to one side, then to the other. Doing this may help releasing excess gas. Lastly, place your hand on baby’s tummy horizontally and rock hand from side to side. Do this over the area below his/her navel. One thing to note is that you should only perform these massages after the umbilical cord has healed completely. Here’s an article that gives the steps (and also a video) to a tummy massage that may help ease symptoms of colic and diarrhea: Take care!

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My baby had this problem too. And pd say its normal try not to worried too much , and also try not to put her straight down aftrr burping as they need some time to be hold up. Tuina for baby under a month , personally i feel its too young to do that . or you can try dragging longer feeding time or wait for baby to be at least a month and guve baby some gripe water . Please do not be lost ! Jiayou

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Thanks all