Using bottle feed or cup feed for newborn baby? Which is more advisable? Ever since my newborn baby use bottle feed she will tend to vomit milk out of sudden. And yesterday she vomitted 3 times, there's one time which she vomitted almost all the milk out after drinking. Please advise.

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Does this only happen when she is bottle-fed? How about direct latching? It is common for babies to have reflux or to spit up after a feed. To minimize such episodes, you can try the following: Feed baby in a more upright position (head should be higher than knee); Avoid active play immediately after a feeding; Avoid overfeeding; Burp baby after each feeding. A couple of my friends tried cup feeding or using a syringe when baby doesn't take to bottle.

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I think you can try burping her after the feeding. Could be the flow of the milk, or try feeding a little less in case she is overfed.

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Newborn i do cup feeding n also use with syringe. Advice from SGH. Did it for 3 weeks only. Gradually i use a bottle with tiny nipple hole

Newborn prefer to do syringe feeding so no nipple confusion once you establish breastfeeding

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you can continue with bottle feeding, feed halfway then you burp baby.

Newborn better to go with syringe. Is baby breastfed or fm?