Colic & Constipation

Need some help on this My baby is 1 month 3 days old..currently shes having colic and i realise she hasnt poop for 2 days...doc gave me ridwind drop for her but i dont think theres any usage. anyone can advise me what to im stressing out, and my mental health is currently very unstable too.

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Ridwind drop is good for colic but constipation need prebiotic/probiotic After feeding carry baby for 30mins try to be an upright position 👆🏻All prescribed and taught by PD

Try to do massage for her as frequently as possible. Tummy massages, bicycle kicks at every diaper change when possible. Split feeding sessions to burp more frequently as well.


try to massage baby tummy. see if you can use ruyi oil on baby. burp baby 2x during feeding one is half way through one is ending.

Try to massage her tummy slowly using I ❤ U motion.. You can watch it in youtube, good luck 💕