Jaundice- mix feeding. What’s best formula milk ?

My baby has lil bit jaundice and currently i have to mix feeding him. Since he needs to be fed every an hour or two. What’s your suggestions on best formula milk which helps to reduce jaundice??

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some said goat milk help much. but i just gave my baby dutch baby milk and breastmilk as well. alhamdulillah, her jaundice drop within a week. just monitor her poo n pee by keep feed her milk.

i use similac 1. i also mix feeding my boy because my breast is not producing enough milk for him. so far no problem with the baby. jaundice reduced from 15 to below 5 within 25 days.

Better bagi susu ibu je kalau susu ada . Setiap sejam bangunkan dia direct bf . Kalau bagi fm nanti sembelit pulak lagi susah . Selalu orang campur sebab susu ibu tak de awal awal tu .

doc pakar suggest enfalac a+ to my daughter..masa jaundice dia tinggi dulu..

keep breastfeeding , this my baby jaundice result ,

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better use lactogen much better

Breastmilk and fresh goat milk

Kenapa kena mix susu ye?

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Karrihome’s goat milk

fresh goat milk