Hi, My baby is gonna complete 6 months in a week, and I have started with solid foods two weeks ago. She has a habit of passing stools 3 or 5 days once, I wasn't worried when she was only on breastfeeding but now it's been 3 days she didn't pass stool and 3 days ago her stool was hard so I'm worried that it will cause constipation cos she is having solid food. Any suggestions pls ?

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HI, You know babies when start solids they do take time to adjust to them, so do not worry about it. I think, you should begin slowly if she is showing too much changes in her bowel system. You can begin with mashed banana, boiled potato and dal in the beginning and gradually move to other food items. Make sure that she has enough water throughout the day. Have water filled in a sipper as it is easy for the baby herself to drink from it and she will herself pick it up and drink on her own, which will make sure that she is meeting her water requirement. Since, you already started her with solids week prior to her six month mark, I think you are taking it too fast. But now that you have introduced solids then I suggest, do not make her try too many new things. Stick to a few items for a week or so and then introduce a new thing. For constipation, you can massage the baby's tummy, can also give little lukewarm water to her. Give her high fibre food. Also, you can feed her spinach. Apple juice is considered to have a mild laxative property, so you can take out fresh apple juice at home and give to the baby. http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/constip.htm

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dear mommy, the ideal time to start solids would have been around the 7th month. once the baby completes 6 months, you should introduce liquids for about 2 weeks, then semi-solids for about 3-4 weeks and only post that should you start solids. i think you started a little too early. Most babies get this phase when they start solids, as the digestive system goes through a complete change. in order to make sure that she is not too uncomfortable, i suggest keep the quantity less, and follow the 3 day food rule. each time you give her something new, continue for 3 days to see how her body reacts to it. that way, if she is allergic to something, you will know exactly what you gave her. if she doesn't pass stool in 3 to 4 days, please take her to the doc.

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this normally does happen when babies start something new, especially the transition from liquid to solid. i would say please ensure she has enough liquid intake, such as water and also fresh juice, tender coconut water and the like.

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They need some time for transition into solid food. you can offer more water to aid his digestion