Change of Milk Powder and having Diarrhoea

Hi guys. My daughter who is 6 weeks now was drinking Dumex for the first 2 weeks after giving birth. Subsequently, we changed to Enfamil as there was no Dumex in the store. While giving her the Enfamil for 3 weeks, my daughter was having constipation for the 3 weeks and she would only poop once a day. After the 3 weeks, we changed her formula to Similac. She likes the taste. However she has been having diarrhoea ever since we started on Similac. Should I change the formula or wait and see? She started on Similac for a week already.

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Try Friso milk. Aside for nutrients for Brain and health development, It’s formulated for gut health and easy digestion.

I feel that since baby is so young, don’t keep switching milk because is hard for their little tummies. Get back Dumex.