Baby solid diapers

Hello mommies, MY LO is almost 8 months and she has solid diapers once in 3 days..since last 2 weeks this is happening. I just started giving her semi solid foods..she doesn't want to eat anything apart from my milk. Could it be because her stomach is not filling?

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Super Mum

You mean your baby poops every 3 days? I think that could be normal, but if she's not eating any solid food you should try and give her some. At 8 months just small amount like a few tablespoons are good enough. If she doesn't like something maybe try something else? Fruit or veggie puree, porridge, cereal etc. You can mix some milk in baby cereal so it's more runny.

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Hi, your title is confusing 🤦🏻‍♀️Are you asking about giving your baby solids food or diapers??

1y ago

diapers....she is 8 months and still doesn't wondering could it be because she is not eating and her stomach might not be full that's why she doesn't have solid diapers..