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My helper have been with us for 4months only. All the while we only keep her phone and pass to her only after her work hours (because she take care of kids, we're afraid she distracted). Today she asked me if she can keep her phone instead. However.. Recently she started to perfunctory my #1 (7yo) when my girl ask her to play with her. Then only from this week, she then started to help out in taking care #2 (1month+), learning at the same time.. After I go back to work, she will be the only one at home to attend both kids. Please share with me some of your ways of handling or thoughts on this. Tia ??

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From my pov, i think passing her back the phone is fine. I can imagine myself working as a helper and far away from my family, the feeling isnt easy.. if u pass the phone to her, but telling her that u trust her to only use it during her rest hour, or when she is not doing any chores/taking care of ur child, she might feel good that u trust her with her phone. And she will feel more secure as when she misser her family, she can maybe contact them during her rest hour or at night. But do tell her that she cant use it while she is taking care the child.. and if u have a cctv in place, u can monitor her :)

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Maybe just have a nice talk to her nicely? For my helper. We have told her to only use phone at night

My helper has her own phone, she is smart enough to use only during her rest and night time. :)

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Can inform helper not allowed to use phone unless rest time. Have to be strict about this