My LO is 16 weeks old. She used to drink ebm in bottle initially but now only wants to latch on only. she refuses milk from the bottle now and I'm back to work any advice?

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It is kind of normal to me. Baby sometimes would be smart enough to create bonding time with mummy and they will also know that mummy is going back to work. Bottle feed baby is not tough but requires alot of patience and determination. My advise is to bottle feed in the day and latch exclusive at night.

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One of my friends who encountered the same situation suggested having another caregiver bottle feed the baby. When baby sees that you are around, he/she may prefer to breastfeed. She also tried feeding her baby using a spoon, syringe or a cup in the day when baby refuses the bottle.

I had hard time as well. My baby live direct feeding and hate bottle feeding! She won’t accept it at all! Tried many bottles and the only one she accepted was medela - normal bottle not the calma. Pls give a try! Finally she loves the bottle.