My LO is 3 months old and has been drinking ebm from the bottle and I try to latch her on occasional as she couldn't latch on well initially. Recently, she refused to drink from the bottle. She cries and screams very loudly whenever we try to feed her from the bottle and only wants to latch on. Anyone knows why is this so? I thought when we give baby the bottle they wouldn't want to latch on anymore. Now I need to go back to work soon. How do I get her to accept the bottle again?

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Actually if u used to give her the bottle, I think it's not baby associating mummy and breast only issue. I suggest to check the teat of the bottle - is this a new tear that u are using ( baby doesn't like the flow rate) or a seasoned teat - it could be leaking milk on its own (wear and tear too) and baby won't like it too. Is baby sick or in discomfort or sleepy/cranky or just recovered from an illness bout? I discovered my boy only wanted to boobs after his hfmd episode (they had to tube feed him as too many ulcers in his mouth/throat) and not the bottle - so it could be for comfort too. Experiment a little. I understand the stress, my boy (4m) also like that for a short period of time. Jia you mummy. At most wait till really v v hungry they will no choice but take bottle

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I had that issue previously with my LO. At first I thought it was the bottles, changed bottles and teats but still the same. Then I thought it was the milk, tried giving her at different temperature but it was the same. In the end, we found out that it was reflux. My LO was hiccuping daily, spits out milk after every meal though little. But the pronounced thing was she would start to cry whenever she saw the bottle or when we try to position her in the bottle feeding position. She latched on really well at night. Anyway, we bought her to her PD and sought treatment. She's now drinking well, 120ml every 3 hrs. Also, we burp her often and sit her up for 15 mins after each meal. Does your LO have the same symptoms? If so, might be worthwhile to seek advice from a PD.

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5y ago

Hi Fenny, I’m facing the issue and LO seems to have the same symptoms as you described. May I check what kind of treatment was provided? And also how Long did you have to keep persisting with bottle feeding until your LO finally accepts the bottle? Thanks

It could be 2 reasons: the milk or the baby. Try at which temperature your baby would like to have his milk. Also, check whether the teat is draining properly or you may want to change to a wider hole teat. Has your baby been unwell lately? Or maybe he is too distracted to drink from the bottle. If he refuses he drink from the bottle, don't force him. You may try again later. They will drink when they are hungry but try to check first why he has refused the bottle in the first place. Hope this helps.

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They call that nipple confusion. Babies who latch on usually don't like the bottle. That happened to my LO. To make the transition easier before I went back to work, we made sure she drank milk from the bottle during the day. I only let her latch on to me "after work". Others recommend nipples that are similar to latching on like Medela calma because the LO needs to suck before milk comes out, unlike other nipples where the milk freely comes out. Go for softer nipples also like pigeon.

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Try to bottle feed baby soon before you go back to work else baby will have a hard time when she is at Infant Care. She might not want to drink and will be more hungry and thus she will eventually suffer. Of course, the teachers there will help and assist her but you wouldn't 1 your baby to suffer so we as parents, should try to train our baby ourselves 1st.

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Please do it slowly. Patience is definitely required and please don't force. You will need to train the baby to bottle feed before baby goes to infant care else the baby will have a tough time. Teachers will also not be happy about it.

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She likes breastfeeding too much :) Maybe get someone else to give her the bottle, like your husband, mum or even helper. She could be rejecting the bottle when you offer it because she associates you with breastfeeding and comfort.

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My lo is going to 3 mths. She is another way round. She refused breastfeeding and prefer bottle now. How you do it to let your lo latch on well after that.. I’m felt lost and don’t know where to get help:(

Every baby is different. Have you considered changing bottle type? I do recommend Comotomo brand as the teat is best shaped and feels like the mother's nipple. You can find Comotomo bottles at Kiddy Palace.