Baby is able to flip today, from back to tummy. He is not able to flip back yet. I'm concerned if he will flip over on his tummy when he sleeps at nite? He slps on his back at nite.

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Ur concern is valid and common too. So ensure that there is no pillow or bolsters at all around baby in his bed - in case baby face in the pillow for too long n can't get help. Usually baby will cry for help if they flipped at night and can't flip back. U can also consider letting baby sleep slightly on in side by putting a bean pillow to tilt him a little so he can't turn that side

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Remove everything in the area. Most of the times, things happen due to the pillow or blanket suffocating them. I would clear everything away. Babies who can flip will usually cry if they need help or are feeling uneasy.

All the best :)