drinking milk with straw mug

My baby is 9 months old and refuses to drink milk bottle when she is awake. She will cry and push away the bottle. But once we changed to the straw mug then she drink non stop. Is it ok to drink milk with straw mug i stead of bottle teat at 9 months old?

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Yes, as long as she drink the milk My daughter never used a bottle before, since newborn was direct latch then after 12 months, introduce fresh milk in straw cup. Water was introduce during 6 months in munchkin miracle cup.

4y ago

Not to worry, at this age, their digestive system is stronger and will be able to get rid of the wind in their stomach better compare to when they are newborn.

Of course! Some of us parents try so hard for our LO to kick bottle habit (at older age)

Yes why not. As long as she is consuming enough milk daily then that shouldn't be a problem

4y ago

Thank you so much!

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Sure:) just make sure she burps well after.

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Of course! It's good actually

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Yes absolutely fine